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Dry vs. Wet Carpet Cleaning Comparison

When carpets are traditionally steam cleaned, a large amount of very hot water is forced into the carpet under high pressure, and then sucked back out along with the dirt.  The extremely hot (between 160 to 200 degrees °F ) water can damage the built in factory stain resistant protection on your carpets, not to mention potentially damaging hardwood floors underneath or furniture above.  If not done properly, dirt attracting residue can be left in carpet to attract new soil.
Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • No traffic downtime, rooms back in use immediately after cleaning.

  • Excellent blending ability.

  • No color bleeding.

  • Leaves no sticky residue to cause re-soiling.

  • No damage from shrinkage, split seams.

  • Mold, mildew, dust mites & allergens removed.

  • No wick back of spots, stains or dirty areas.

  • Never any  wet carpet.

  • No humidity from cleaning.

  • HOST is all natural and safe for people and pets.

  • Safe & approved for all types of carpet and rugs.

  • Carpet can take 6 to 24 hours to dry.

  • Poor blending ability.

  • Poor color bleeding.

  • Detergent residue/moisture cause faster re-soiling.

  • High moisture can cause shrinkage/split seams.

  • High moisture increases mold & mildew.

  • Spots/dirty areas wick back when carpet dries.

  • Can leave furniture stained or damaged.

  • Rooms out of use until dry.

  • Wet carpet may introduce unwanted humidity.

  • Chemicals can be an eye and skin irritant.

  • Not recommended for use on silk, wool, oriental rugs, hand-loomed wool rugs, or natural fibers.

Conclusion - Wetter Is Not Better!
HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning IS Better Than Wet
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